Laptop Service-


We are providing laptop LCD & LED screen repair service in case is not possible then we are provide original led, lcd screen replace. This service instant provide you. The original laptop screen have a one year warranty.

Laptop Motherboard Repair-

we are chip level repairs for laptop motherboard. Motherboard related any problems we are solve that. That men-  no power, display problem, USB port repair & replace, LAN chip repair & LAN port Change, Graphic chip change & repair, Power DC jack repair & replacement & much more .... service available in our service center.  

Laptop Keyboard & Battery replacement-

Our company provided best price for laptop keyboard & battery. all type of laptop models keyboard & Battery available in our service center. we are provided original & compatible Battery, keyboard with 1year warranty.

Broken Laptop Hinges & Body Repairing-

we are provide broken laptop body repair & hinges replacement service. also service available in our service center. 

Original & Compatible adapter-

We are sale all brand of laptop power AC adapter (original & compatible).  we are sale best price for 65 Watt or 90 Watt laptop adapter. any adapter have a one year warranty(original & compatible).

Ram, hard disk repair & replace-

Laptop cleaning service-

in case your laptop auto restart, system hung, slow system run? so please come our service center. we are providing laptop cleaning service in your laptop. because maximum problems start on the laptop overheating & your out side area dust create  your laptop overheating. 

Laptop Software support-

we are provide not only hardware support, software support also available in our service center. any software install, formatting, OS (Windows & Linux) install. we are install for single & dual booting operating system. we are support for windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, Linus ubuntu, redhat.

Data Recovery, backup & restore-

in case delete your laptop data or windows corrupted?  you think lost my data.  so please you don't panic . come our service center because  we are recover & backup your delete data in your laptop.