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Welcome to T. Solutions-Dell, Lenovo, HP, Compaq, SONY Vaio, Asus, Samsung,Acer, HCL, Toshiba Laptop Service Center .

Its a laptop service center in kolkata. we are providing repair & services for all brands of laptops. laptop motherboard chip level repairing for no display, power problem,  Laptop motherboard change, LAN chip & port repair or replace, graphic chip replace, USB port replace or repair, Touch pad repair , laptop LED Lcd screen repair & replace Laptop cleaning,  laptop overheating problem , keyboard replace, broken laptop body repair,laptop ram ,  Hard Disk Drive upgrade & replace, software install ,uninstall &  upgrades(Windows & Linux) service available in our service center. we are provide all brand of laptop original spar & parts with manufacturing warranty minimum one year to three years. also providing laptop repairing warranty for one to three months. We are providing  FREE checkup & quick inspection in your front  of eye whiten 30 minutes  .

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Our Service-

  • Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Repair & Replacement.
  • Dead Laptop repairing.
  • Laptop Power Problem.
  • LAN, USB, HDMI, AUDIO Port Repair
  • Laptop Auto Shutdown & Auto Restart problem.
  • Laptop Over Heating.
  • Display Flickr.
  • Laptop power on But No Display.  
  • Original Keyboard Repair & replacement.
  • Touch Pad Repair & Replacement.
  • Original Or Compatible LCD & LED Screen Replacement & Repair.
  • Original & Compatible Battery Replacement .
  • Original & Compatible Laptop Power Adapter Replacement.
  • Original Cooling Fan Replacement.
  • Laptop Cleaning Services.
  • Laptop Hinges Replacement & Body Repair.
  • Hard Disk Drive Replacement & Repair.
  • Laptop Ram Replacement & Upgrades.
  • DVD Writer Repair & Replace.
  • Laptop Data Backup & Data Recovery.
  • Laptop New OS (Operating System) Install & Upgrades.
  • Laptop Original Windows Reloading.
  • Laptop Formatting.
  • Antivirus Install & much more........,88.408871&sspn=0.083196,0.1684&